Dominic Grünberg

– Cameraman, Cutter

Platforms: PC, a very long time ago Pen & Paper as well

Favorite games: Mass Effect series

Classics: Privateer, System Shock 2

Homepage: Link


Patrick Jäschke

– Director

Platforms: Console, PC, board games

Favorite games: Point-and-click-fanboy and open-world-enthusiast

Classics: The Secret of Monkey Island & LeChuck´s Revenge


Who we are

We are professional filmmakers – and nerds, fans and geeks. With “”, we combine our work as filmmakers with a hobby, which we are very passionate about: computer games.

Why we distribute with Vimeo and Steam

Originally we wanted to distribute solely with Vimeo, since that was and still is the most practical way. We’re filmmakers and not experts for sales and distribution, so right now Vimeo is our best solution. We’re also on Steam to get better visibility. For both platforms you need an account to buy or rent our film, which can then be streamed from there. Additionally on Vimeo you can also download our film.