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About two and a half years ago we celebrated the premiere of our first feature length documentary during the Gamescom in a cinema in Cologne. The responses to the film were overwhelming. We received a lot of positive and heartwarming feedback, so that, at least for the evening of the premiere, all the troubles during the production process were forgotten. After the screening we talked to the protagonists and the premiere visitors until late into the night and enjoyed a fantastic conclusion to an eventful production.

Unfortunately, the film didn’t sell as expected. The costs for Vimeo, hosting and the domain alone still exceed the revenues considerably. The extremely positive feedback, however, continues to this day, which is a big part of the reason why we are still continuing.

So what now? Well, from now on we are also offering for free! Whether for a cautious peek or a legal film experience for free – we are happy when the film is being watched. You have friends who are enthusiastic space sim fans? You know people who are interested in a game documentary? Then help us to make better known and tell them about it. Click here to go directly to the film on YouTube.

You can also purchase it at The retail version can be downloaded and contains no watermark and has a better quality than the one streamed on YouTube. If you like and would like to show it to us without straight away buying it, invite us for a drink at the Cantina in the shop and give upcoming projects an extra boost! Teaser

The rediscovered first teaser

The other day, while cleaning up digitally, I rediscovered the very first teaser we had put together to give a first impression of Somewhere in the depths of the hard drives it resurfaced. Because the original version was constantly being edited, I actually assumed that it was lost forever.

Now, about three years later, you can clearly notice its prototype character, especially in direct comparison with the official trailer. And yet, it still does what it was supposed to do back then: give a first impression of the mood of the film.

Since the teaser is simply “outdated”, it is no longer part of our official videos. But of course we don’t want to withhold it from you. Steam available on Steam now! is available for purchase on Steam. So far our space games documentary was exclusively available on Vimeo. Now we’re closer to the community. So to all game and documentary interested fans: have fun!

If you want to support this and upcoming film projects you can do so by taking part in a short survey. Thank you very much in advance!

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Update: Soon you can no longer buy the film via Steam or Vimeo, but you can buy it (or even watch it for free) in our own shop! ultrawide ultrawide!

Especially for buyers of who own an ultrawide monitor, we now provide a version of the film without letterboxing. The only difference to the main film is that it has no “artificial” black bars above and below. The reason why we have them in the first place? The subtitles! These are usually overlaid onto the film. By using the black bars, the subtitles don’t cover the image, but are being shown in the black area beneath. Although you cannot download bonus material at vimeo right now, you can stream the new version online, of course.

Bonus question: Is this the first step to “Films as a Service”? 😉

Indie Arena Booth 2018

Indie Arena Booth 2018 Film

As we’ve written before, we have been at the Indie Arena Booth this year not only to promote, but also to produce the aftershow film of the booth.

Here is the review of this year’s appearance of the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom. It was an exciting week with great games, creative people and an incredible team spirit. Of course, it was especially nice for us to meet familiar faces from again, for example Rockfish Games, who once again where an exhibitor for Everspace. We have to mention Andreas Suika especially, who welcomed us with his awesome team and made us part of the booth as the very first indie film there.