Especially for buyers of who own an ultrawide monitor, we now provide a version of the film without letterboxing on vimeo. The only difference to the main film is that it has no “artificial” black bars above and below. The reason why we have them in the first place? The subtitles! These are usually overlaid onto the film. By using the black bars, the subtitles don’t cover the image, but are being shown in the black area beneath. Although you cannot download bonus material at vimeo right now, you can stream the new version online, of course.

Bonus question: Is this the first step to “Films as a Service”? 😉

Indie Arena Booth 2018 Film

As we’ve written before, we have been at the Indie Arena Booth this year not only to promote, but also to produce the aftershow film of the booth.

Here is the review of this year’s appearance of the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom. It was an exciting week with great games, creative people and an incredible team spirit. Of course, it was especially nice for us to meet familiar faces from again, for example Rockfish Games, who once again where an exhibitor for Everspace. We have to mention Andreas Suika especially, who welcomed us with his awesome team and made us part of the booth as the very first indie film there.


Watch the film here: link celebrates premiere and release!

In the cinema of the Cologne Game Lab and ifs the premiere of our documentary about space games,, took place on the 23rd of August. Together with developers, press, film and space sim fans, we could finally show the film to the public and celebrate its release. Furthermore there were opportunities to talk about the film and its development with the protagonists and us filmmakers in the course of a meet & greet before the film and in a Q&A, moderated by Gamestar-editor Michael Graf, after the film.

The first feedback was fantastic and we’re very excited about what other responses we’ll get. As soon as the credits rolled, “” was made available for purchase to the public. You can now buy or rent the film exclusively at Vimeo on Demand. We hope you like it! is available now at:



It is done!

At Gamescom in 2016 principle photography started for „“ and lasted until the end of 2017. During that time we met exciting and extremely sympathetic people, who supported our project and took us with them into the world of game development. The film portraits those people and their work – and for us as filmmakers (and gamers) it was an exciting experience on this journey.

Now, right before Gamescom 2018, we are proud to announce: we’re finished! The film is ready for its release and we’re happy to soon be able to show it to our protagonists, our supporters and, of course, to you!

Special(s) for the 250th Gamestar issue

For the occasion of the current milestone edition, Gamestar commissioned us to produce a short documentary about the making of the print editions. Of course, filming took us to the office in Munich and to the printing company in Krakow. It’s an exciting view at the making of the magazine and a  declaration of love to the “printed word”. The documentary can be found on the enclosed booklet DVD and on Gamestar Plus (to the video).

You will also find other clips produced by us for the festive occasion (in German):
Our favorite editions: “That was a big fight – and a successful issue” (to the video, also Gamestar Plus)
Our wishes for the anniversary: ​​”Stay different, dear GameStar” (to the video)
500 issues of GameStar: “Half-Life 3 will go on the cover then” (to the video)