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Documentary series recommendation: noclip

As already announced in the previous blog entry, here comes the second recommendation for documentaries with a focus on games: the YouTube channel of noclip.

In most of their documentaries noclip explore a game dev studio or a specific game and its history. The protagonists tell the history of the studio or the game and how they have experienced it. Accompanied by many vivid game sequences and video clips, the interested viewer gets a lot of information. The sympathetic founder of noclip and former GameSpot presenter Danny O’Dwyer guides through the documentaries.

The emphasis at noclip is more on the “making of” of the games and the history of the studios, while focuses more on the personalities and emotions of the protagonists. At their core, and noclip make passionate documentaries about computer games and their developers. And another important thing we have in common: we love games. 🙂 Have a look, maybe you”ll like the style of noclip even more.

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