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Documentary series recommendation: Cloth Map

So far we have published one feature length documentary with and several short documentaries. Until we are able to shoot again and actually have the means to make another long film, the question for you might be: what other game documentaries are around? Well, I have two recommendations that are very worthwhile. I’ll introduce the first one in this blog entry and the second one in the next.

Travel and gaming are wonderful topics per se, which can be packed together in documentaries. Cloth Map makes exciting travel documentaries with a focus on gaming. These (if you watch the individual videos per country in one go) medium-length documentaries not only deal with computer games, but also with the respective country, its inhabitants and their gaming culture.

For this, filmmaker Drew Scanlon has already been to the Chernobyl exclusion zone in the Ukraine, has given an insight into the underground gaming network in Cuba and visited e-sports players in Mongolia. This playlist offers a good overview of his work. Besides his “core films” there are also a lot of other videos like VLOGs and podcasts.

By the way: if you’re looking for easily digestible magazine reports for quick enjoyment about travel & gaming, you’ll find them in IGN’s Fast Travel series.

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