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Film recommendation: Indie Game: The Movie

“Indie Game: The Movie” is a highly acclaimed, Kickstarter financed indie film, which despite its release in 2012, can still be seen as being representative of the emotional ups and downs of indie developers.

The film follows the team Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes during the development and subsequent release of Super Meat Boy, and lone wolf Phil Fish during the development and introduction at Pax of FEZ. Jonathan Blow also talks about his game Braid and what its following success brought about.

What makes the film special is its intimate relationship with the developers it accompanies. It documents not only the development process of the games presented, but also the emotional life of the people behind them. We often witness outbursts of emotion, which range from anger to joy.

Not only the film is highly recommended, but also the commentary track, in which the filmmakers tell many anecdotes from the production period. By the way, the film describes itself as “the first feature documentary film about making video games”. Is that true? Which films do you know, and which ones are older than Indie Game: The Movie?

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