social media channels on (almost) all channels

Okay, given the sheer amount of social media channels we’re not even close to being everywhere. Every person has their own preferences, both in terms of which network they like and what they want to see. We can’t and also don’t want to cover everything, especially since there are still only the two of us.

For now we prefer to limit ourselves to writing elaborate blog entries and use the social networks from time to time to post things other than So here’s a short list of our channels and what we do there.


  • Facebook: Links to new blog entries
  • Twitter: Links to new blog entries, tweets for entertainment
  • Instagram: For entertainment
  • YouTube: Our trailers, videos not exclusively made for customers
  • Vimeo: Our trailers
  • Discord: Our chat platform, links to new blog entries


A more detailed description of our activities on the different pages can be found here.

No matter which channel you prefer, feel free to contact us! 🙂

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