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Update: Soon you can no longer buy the film via Steam or Vimeo, but you can buy it (or even watch it for free) in our own shop!

GameStar Interview Dokuteam

An interview with

This time there is an interview with us instead of from us. We were interviewed by Michal Graf from GameStar magazine, for which we have already done a few documentaries. Now it was our turn to stop hiding behind the camera and answer questions. Of course we talked about the GameStar documentaries produced by us, but also about how Michael and we got to know each other and therefore about

The unfamiliar position in front of the camera was not really appealing to us both, as you can see at one point or another. What do you think, how did we do? If you have a GameStar Plus account, you can watch it here for yourself. 😉 ultrawide ultrawide!

Especially for buyers of who own an ultrawide monitor, we now provide a version of the film without letterboxing. The only difference to the main film is that it has no “artificial” black bars above and below. The reason why we have them in the first place? The subtitles! These are usually overlaid onto the film. By using the black bars, the subtitles don’t cover the image, but are being shown in the black area beneath. Although you cannot download bonus material at vimeo right now, you can stream the new version online, of course.

Bonus question: Is this the first step to “Films as a Service”? 😉

Indie Arena Booth 2018

Indie Arena Booth 2018 Film

As we’ve written before, we have been at the Indie Arena Booth this year not only to promote, but also to produce the aftershow film of the booth.

Here is the review of this year’s appearance of the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom. It was an exciting week with great games, creative people and an incredible team spirit. Of course, it was especially nice for us to meet familiar faces from again, for example Rockfish Games, who once again where an exhibitor for Everspace. We have to mention Andreas Suika especially, who welcomed us with his awesome team and made us part of the booth as the very first indie film there.


Neo Cab, My Child Lebensborn, Edna bricht aus

My personal indie highlights: Patrick

I also had the opportunity to test out a few games on location in addition to our shooting for the Indie Arena Booth mini-documentary and the promotion. Here are my personal favorites:

1. Neo Cab

A mix of Cyberpunkt / Film Noir, which at first caught my I with it looks, but when playing it, it blew me away narratively. As a taxi driver in a neon colored sci-fi world you meet different passengers und get lost more and more fascinating and sometimes bizarre conversations.

2. My Child Lebensborn

The subject matter of the Lebensborn children in Norway is being brought to you in this game in a very sensible and emotional way. You witness the tragic situation of a child, which is being exposed to the prejudice and hostility of its classmates and neighbours. The child, which was fatherd by a Nazi soldier, longs for the truth about its father. As the player you have to take care of this child and also speak out the painful truth. I never thought, that a tabletop/smartphone game could move me like that.


3. Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – 10th Anniversary Edition

What, that old piece? Yes, definitely! This indie game, which 10 years ago was the cornerstone for one of the biggest German developer and publisher. Beautifully remastered Daedalic gets this title out to PC and the current console generation. Besides, creator Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis remained faithful and visited the Indie Arena Booth a few times. For me as an old adventure-lover, this is one of the highlights of this years Gamescom.