Gamescom 2016 - Deleted Scenes -

Gamescom 2016 – Deleted scenes from

For we shot many hours of material. The first complete rough cut was correspondingly much longer than the final version is. Some almost finished scenes fell victim to the editing scissors; because they didn’t advance the film, because circumstances had changed or because they just didn’t fit.

In the Gamescom 2016 sequence at the beginning of, this was especially the case for Chris Roberts, who passionately talks about his support for other space games. Michael Graf, Michael Schade and Andreas Suika also share their passion and enthusiasm at the exhibition with us.

The personal statements illustrate the people behind the developers (and journalists) and we really would have liked to include them in the film. However, they would have stretched the intro too much and we would have deviated too much from the actual space theme.

In the form of Deleted Scenes, we now want to show you these (and in the next few weeks more) interesting interview parts and B-roll that didn’t make it into the film. Enjoy!


noclip video

Documentary series recommendation: noclip

As already announced in the previous blog entry, here comes the second recommendation for documentaries with a focus on games: the YouTube channel of noclip.

In most of their documentaries noclip explore a game dev studio or a specific game and its history. The protagonists tell the history of the studio or the game and how they have experienced it. Accompanied by many vivid game sequences and video clips, the interested viewer gets a lot of information. The sympathetic founder of noclip and former GameSpot presenter Danny O’Dwyer guides through the documentaries.

The emphasis at noclip is more on the “making of” of the games and the history of the studios, while focuses more on the personalities and emotions of the protagonists. At their core, and noclip make passionate documentaries about computer games and their developers. And another important thing we have in common: we love games. 🙂 Have a look, maybe you”ll like the style of noclip even more.

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Documentary series recommendation: Cloth Map

So far we have published one feature length documentary with and several short documentaries. Until we are able to shoot again and actually have the means to make another long film, the question for you might be: what other game documentaries are around? Well, I have two recommendations that are very worthwhile. I’ll introduce the first one in this blog entry and the second one in the next.

Travel and gaming are wonderful topics per se, which can be packed together in documentaries. Cloth Map makes exciting travel documentaries with a focus on gaming. These (if you watch the individual videos per country in one go) medium-length documentaries not only deal with computer games, but also with the respective country, its inhabitants and their gaming culture.

For this, filmmaker Drew Scanlon has already been to the Chernobyl exclusion zone in the Ukraine, has given an insight into the underground gaming network in Cuba and visited e-sports players in Mongolia. This playlist offers a good overview of his work. Besides his “core films” there are also a lot of other videos like VLOGs and podcasts.

By the way: if you’re looking for easily digestible magazine reports for quick enjoyment about travel & gaming, you’ll find them in IGN’s Fast Travel series. poster english

Watch for free

About two and a half years ago we celebrated the premiere of our first feature length documentary during the Gamescom in a cinema in Cologne. The responses to the film were overwhelming. We received a lot of positive and heartwarming feedback, so that, at least for the evening of the premiere, all the troubles during the production process were forgotten. After the screening we talked to the protagonists and the premiere visitors until late into the night and enjoyed a fantastic conclusion to an eventful production.

Unfortunately, the film didn’t sell as expected. The costs for Vimeo, hosting and the domain alone still exceed the revenues considerably. The extremely positive feedback, however, continues to this day, which is a big part of the reason why we are still continuing.

So what now? Well, from now on we are also offering for free! Whether for a cautious peek or a legal film experience for free – we are happy when the film is being watched. You have friends who are enthusiastic space sim fans? You know people who are interested in a game documentary? Then help us to make better known and tell them about it. Click here to go directly to the film on YouTube.

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We have a shop now!

So far we have been distributing on Vimeo and eventually on Steam. However, these two sales platforms have not been very well received. Through a survey we were able to assess where the difficulties lay. After a lot of thought and careful consideration, we decided some time ago to create a new opportunity to distribute The result: our own shop!

Here you can buy the movie and the soundtrack. The shop also invites you to a bit of browsing. In some places there are little hidden pop cultural references. Except in the cantina, where they are not hidden but very obvious 😉 And if you like what we do, we would be very happy if you support us by buying us a digital drink in the cantina.

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